Waukesha North "Northstar" Marching Band

Since its inception in 1974, the Waukesha North Marching Band continues to be an integral part of the Waukesha North High School community.  The Northstar Marching Band represents Waukesha North High School, the City of Waukesha, and the State of Wisconsin in performance opportunities including high school sporting events; parades throughout Wisconsin and surrounding states, and nationwide; and professional athletic venues.  The Waukesha North Marching Band has appeared and performed at six Green Bay Packer halftimes, the 2001 opening of Milwaukee Brewers’ Miller Park, and Major League Baseball’s 2002 All Star Pre-game Celebration.  Furthermore, the Waukesha North Marching Band has distinguished itself by performing for two national political leaders: Vice President George Bush and President Ronald Reagan

"Northstar" Colorguard

Enhancing the beauty of the music we play is a hardworking group of young people who leap, toss, and maneuver with style and grace. They are part of the reason the marching band is so successful. The beautiful banners, energizing flags, and highflying toss of the saber and rifles are the domain of the guard. The guard rides their own bus, have additional expenses for make-up, hair, and dance wear. They also have traditions and spirit activities in addition to the ones they share with the rest of the band. The band includes the drumline, hornline and the guard, but like the individual music sections, they have their own way to support and motivate each other.​

The Waukesha North "Northstar" Color Guard has been the most successful portion of the Waukesha North "Northstar" Marching Band earning top honors for 18 of the last 20 years at the Wisconsin State Championships. 

"Northstar" Percussion 

The Waukesha North "Northstar" Marching Band Percussion section has begun the process of becoming an indoor drumline/indoor percussion ensemble over the past three years.

Waukesha North Concert Ensembles

The Waukesha North Concert Bands are made up of three different ensembles, as well as an end of year ensemble formed specifically for commencement/graduation activities. 


Wind Ensemble

The Waukesha North Wind Ensemble meets for the full school year and is the top auditioned ensemble at Waukesha North. This ensemble regularly performs at Carroll University and enjoys collaborating with the Waukesha North Orchestra and Chamber Singers. The Wind Ensemble has made large strides over the last few years to raise the bar on their performance and the ensemble plans to participate in concert band festivals in the near future!


Concert Band

All beginning level and freshman students will enroll in the Concert Band; this is the largest ensemble at Waukesha North High School. Students work on music fundamentals and theory while rehearsing concert repertoire from a wide variety of sources, from classic wind literature to transcriptions, to modern works written specifically for band. 

Symphonic Winds and Percussion
All sophomores, juniors and seniors will reaudition each spring for Symphonic Winds and Percussion or Wind Ensemble. The Symphonic Winds and Percussion Course meets 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarter following the Marching Band season. Students continue work on music fundamentals and theory while rehearsing concert repertoire from a wide variety of sources, from classic wind literature to transcriptions, to modern works written specifically for band. Some students from other ensembles looking to work on a secondary instrument may do so in this ensemble. 
Commencement Band
During late May/early June, a combined group of musicians from all three concert ensembles rehearse to perform at Commencement for graduation. 

Jazz Ensembles

The Waukesha North Jazz Ensemble is a full credit class that offers many performance options for the Waukesha North High School Students. The ensemble is a combination of traditional jazz Big Band and a smaller auditioned Jazz Combo. 


The Waukesha North Big Band uses tradition instrumentation filled with Trumpets, Saxes, Trombones and a full rhythm seciton including Drum Set, Piano, Bass and Guitar. This ensemble performs a variety of musical selections from Glenn Miller to Miles Davis. The Waukesha North Big Band has performed for holiday parties, jazz festivals and at the Waukesha County Fair.  A smaller version of this band, "Door 19" jazz combo, performed at various events including performances at the Governor's Mansion during Christmas and summer garden events.