Music Classes

These classes are open to all band, choir and orchestra students, however are typically a mixed group including nontraditional music students and students who have limited to no musical background.

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Music Technology

Music technology is offered to any student, regardless of band, choir or orchestra.  Students outside of the music department can take this course, which focuses on creating music through technology and utilizing technology to record, manipulate and create musical and multimedia projects.  

Students create podcasts, songs, recordings, soundtrack work for films, and learn about the music industry and music business.  Students also learn the history of and the terms used in the music recording industry.

Film is one of our most prominent art forms.  In many ways it is a reflection of our culture, as it is a primary means of entertainment and diversion for our society.  The study of film has often centered on the visual aspects of the medium, with little attention given to the important role that music plays.  The purpose of this course will be to obtain an increased awareness of the many functions of film music and learn about its prominent role in the cinema.  We will study the works of many prominent film composers as well as some of the lesser known ones.  In addition, we will explore the elements of music, musical forms, and style periods.  Combining an increased knowledge about music with an understanding of the functions of the film score will enhance our awareness of the not-so-hidden dimension of film, its music.
While music theory is integrated into every class and ensemble on some level, from basic to intermediate, this class provides the student with the opportunity to learn a deeper level of music theory knowledge, including chords, chord progressions, orchestration, arranging, and limited composition.  Technology helps to facilitate this class, typically an independent study or small group option.  ​
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The Beginning Guitar class gives students the opportunity to explore and learn guitar, tablature, reading music, history of guitarists, and opportunities for limited performance throughout the spring semester.  Technology and online resources augment the traditional classroom environment, which is typically a mided level group.